Episode-06: Protecting Your Skin from UV Damage – Dr. Sandeep M.A | Best Dermatologist in RR Nagar

Welcome to Episode 06 of “Sparsha Talks“! In this episode, we have the esteemed Dr. Sandeep M.A, a leading Skin Specialist Doctor In RR Nagar, sharing invaluable insights on how to protect your skin from UV damage. Dr. Sandeep delves into the science behind UV radiation, its effects on our skin, and practical tips to minimize exposure and damage. 

Whether you’re curious about the best sunscreens, daily skincare routines, or long-term skin health, this episode covers it all. Skin Specialist Doctor In RR Nagar, Tune in to learn how to keep your skin healthy and radiant under the sun.

Don’t miss this informative and engaging episode of the Sparsha Talks!

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